How to Keep a Pond Healthy and Oxygenated

A pond can be a beautiful feature on any property. It can provide a home for fish, as well as attract other wildlife on the property. However, it is important to maintain oxygen levels in the pond for life to thrive. A poorly oxygenate pond can create foul odors and high algae growth. It can also kill the fish in the pond, as well as cause wildlife to avoid the area. There are some steps that can assist in keeping a pond oxygenated.

Remove dead plants and debris

Dead leaves and other plant life can accumulate in a pond. As it decays, it can use up the oxygen in the water. Any materials floating on the water can be skimmed off with a pool net. This can prevent the debris from sinking to the bottom to decay. If the pond has excessive sediment, it may be wise to remove this from the bottom of the pond.

Plants that float on the water

Cool water can hold more oxygen than warmer water. A pond that has too much direct sunlight can become hot and lose much of its oxygen during the day. Providing shade for the pond can help it retain more oxygen. Floating plants that can live on the water can provide shade to keep temperatures lower.

Keep the water moving

The more surface area, the more oxygen can enter the pond. Moving water creates more surface area to allow for oxygenation. IF there is a stream that flows into the pond, it is important to ensure it continues to flow without interruption. Clearing out debris and sediment regularly can help keep it flowing. The right plants at the inflow can also filter out sediment that can reach the pond.

Avoid stagnation

Not all ponds have or can have a inflow of water. In these situations, it can be difficult to keep water moving and keep it oxygenated. The fish pond aerators can be beneficial in maintaining oxygen levels in a pond. There are various types that can provide aeration for different types and sizes of ponds. They can be powered by various sources, such as electric, solar and wind. This can make it easy to aerate a pond in any area of the property. This can ensure a beautiful and healthy pond.