Minimizing the Big One: How Dog Owners Can Get their Dog in Des Moines IA to Stop Pulling

A dog pulling on the leash- leading their owner down to whatever plant they want to sniff or thing they want to bite. It is a common sight, unfortunately, and one that can just about always be avoided with enough time and patience. The team at Midwest Dog Training, in Des Moines IA and surrounding regions, has seen many dogs come in with no concept of what a leash is. It is serving no purpose at all except hurting the hands of its owners. But, that can change by applying some fantastic leashing techniques. The team will apply techniques at the facility, which can then be carried to home. Below are just three to get things started.

Encouraging Loosening

The basis of leash training exists on keeping the leash loose and cozy. If the dog pulls, they are discouraged by the owner stopping entirely and acting like a tree. No more exploring. If the dog has the leash tight and loosens it on their own, they can be rewarded with a treat. They will eventually learn that a moderate looseness is exactly where they need to be to earn treats and attention, and they will sustain that even when the leash is removed.

Speed Walking

If the dog is close, the owner can walk fast. If the dog gets far away, the owner can walk slower. The speed of the owner’s walk can correlate with how far away the dog is. Consequently, if a dog wants to run, the dog must stay close to their owner. Of course, this works in more than one way. The owner can eventually walk slow and the dog will walk slow beside them (because they are hoping to run fast). It is a technique that can play out over weeks and result in some seriously improved leash behavior. The technique may not work for Greyhounds for obvious reasons.

The above techniques really on encouraging good behavior with treats and discouraging bad behavior by ignoring the dog, taking away a toy, standing still, or going inside. The team will support owners in improving behavior. Every dog deserves a shot to improve for their owner because every dog is capable of it with enough patience and support.