Skunks Have Always Been Fairly Common In Lake County: Three Reasons Why They Should Be Removed

Property owners in Illinois are accustomed to seeing all types of wildlife, and skunks have always been fairly common in Lake County. Homeowners often get scared when they spot a skunk, and it’s very important that homeowners don’t scare the skunk. The spray from a frightened skunk can make a person’s eyes water, and the odor remains for days. Read the information below to learn why homeowners should contact an animal control specialist whenever they see a skunk.

Skunks Can Damage Property

Individuals who take great care with their lawn don’t want it torn up by skunks. Grub worms are one of the foods that a skunk likes. At night, skunks will dig small, round holes in the lawn in search of a grub worm meal. Skunks will also turn over sections of sod to look for grubs. While searching for grub worms in the lawn, skunks may also check out the garbage can or the pet food bowl looking for food or scraps. When a skunk finds food around a home, they’ll always come back and search for more.

Skunks Can Spray Pets and Humans

When a skunk is frightened by a person or another animal, such as the family dog, it’s not unusual for the skunk to spray out of fear. Skunk spray is very strong and, when it gets in animal fur or on clothing, it can be very hard to remove. When individuals see a skunk, they should walk the other direction as quickly as they can so they don’t scare the animal. The next step is to contact a professional who can safely remove the animal from the premises.

Skunks Multiply Quickly

Homeowners may not be too concerned about seeing one skunk but the chances are there’s more than one around. Both male and female skunks mate before they turn one year of age. When a female has a litter, there can be as many as 10 babies but, usually, they have from four to six at one time. This is a large number of skunks on the property, and that’s why it’s important to have them removed as quickly as possible.

Individuals who have a problem with skunks on their property can contact Animal Control Specialists, Inc. for the removal of these bothersome animals. This company also provides removal services for other kinds of wildlife including coyotes, muskrats, bats, and opossums.